Homes for the Holidays Kamloops, BC, Canada

About Us

The Homes for the Holidays tour has become one of the city's most popular house tours and is not only a valuable source for unique holiday decorating ideas, but it's an important fundraiser for the United Way.

The tour features homes volunteered by local Kamloops residents and decorated by Kamloops' signature designers. Designers work together with florists and retailers to inspire Christmas décor, contemporary flair and I-never-thought-of-that pieces. This year's tour will once again feature many wonderful delights!

Not only is it a great day or evening out for family and friends, but it's become the signature Christmas event Kamloops and area residents take part in to kick off the holiday season.

Interested in volunteering your home? Are you a professional decorator / designer? Contact us at to participate in 2016's tour.

Homes for the Holidays Kamloops, BC, Canada
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